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Contemporary dance with strong acrobatic proposals; Physical preparation for acrobatic work, introduction of advanced maneuvers and elements of floor acrobatics, balance, strength, flexibility, mobility, conditioning, performing acrobatics in motion and creating sequences, learning movement phrases and teamwork.








Cancellation Policy

If by reason, beyond the control of either party, the workshop set out above is cancelled, exclusively for reasons attributable to the organization, it is the obligation of the organization to repay the entire amount paid for participation. If you cancel, we regret that we cannot make any refunds. Please make sure that you can make the dates.

Política de cancelación:
Si el taller se cancela por algún motivo imputable a la organización o más allá de su control, la organización tiene la obligación de reembolsar el monto total pagado por el participante. Si cancela el participante, lamentamos no podemos realizar ningún reembolso. Por favor, asegúrate de que tienes disponibles las fechas.

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