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professional dance pants

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High quality and high functionality products for dancers, acrobats and movers. Each E Motion Bodies Brand product and design is the result of listening to the needs of many professional dancers and acrobats from around the world.

Through creating and selling clothing and other technical items, we seek to generate inspiration so that each and everyone can create more spaces for movement and art.

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About E Motion Bodies

About E Motion Bodies

E Motion Bodies is a series of events about movement education, artistic research and gathering, organized in cooperation with instructors and dancers.
Check out our Events

Our Events

Spencer Dennis's class focuses on studying movement efficiency while exploring unique and foreign movement pathways. Expect to move through multiple planes of movement including floorwork and inversion.
10th edition of the Festival of Contact Improvisation in the French Province, in Rustrel, one of the most beautiful villages in France, located north of Apt and at the foot of the Monts de Vaucluse. A unique opportunity of immersion for 7 days, for 35 participants, to experience an exploration of dance and movement with quality workshops, jams,...
Acrodance includes not only contemporary dance and floor acrobatics, but also disciplines such as floorwork, break dancing, capoeira, martial arts.The aim during the two days will be to explore acrodance in its various shapes: individually, in couples and through improvisation.
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